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This site is home to stories about you, me, our neighbors near or far, ultimately all of us brothers and sisters, and the impact of God in our lives. By example God leads us, and humbly we follow. Doing His will in our lives has brought us much more to share than we could ever talk about on our own and of our own accord. We hope you are lifted and encouraged as we share good stories, God-centric in nature, free of charge!

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Winter 2021 | Harry's Story

Meet our new friend Harry! Harry has been a paramedic in multiple cities across the USA. There would be no exaggeration in saying Harry is a true action hero, has saved lives, been attacked while doing so and dealt with death up close!

By the time Harry was 9, sadly his mother died. To make matters worse, prior to that a string of loved ones had also passed. These events would eventually lend themselves to making Harry the amazing first responder he became as an adult.

Harry worked in Paris, IL. Likewise he performed his life-saving tasks in Bloomington and Terre Haute Indiana. In getting to know this man you will be touched by his humble pride and absolute will to survive in the most unfavorable odds.

As time progressed, Harry met several challenges that were just unsurmountable. This is a humble, yet proud American man. And we could see he might not feel so inclined to accept our help, but sure enough we had meetings and chats and built a plan forward just in time.

This update being supplied on 2/15/21, where we have the coldest weather, accompanied by many inches of snow, perhaps the most in years, here in the Indy area! We are all so happy we got the tasks in motion early enough to the point that our new pal is in a nice quiet room with breakfast and laundry services.

And seemingly another miracle has become opened up and a possibility, where in days to weeks, Harry might be in his very own RENTAL potential!

On February 22, 2021 we will be signing Harry's new lease! Great job prayer warriors. Thanks for hanging in there Harry. What a faith kindling experience!

Updated 3/15/21

Harry's story on the local news - click here!

Worx of Progress / Neighbors for Harry:

* A new Bible

* Out of the Winter cold

* Into the hotel life until at least March

* Ford Taurus repaired to drivable
  (Thermostat, new starter, replaced both ball joints)

* Ford Focus repaired to drivable
  (Control arm, sway bar, engine mounts, oil change/filter)

* Both vehicles new plates and registration

* New tires and rims for the Ford Focus

* New glasses

* New supplies

* New clothes

* Cash and cards to live more boldly

* New brothers and sisters

* New job leads

* Permanent living arrangements - Announcement coming soon

* Today (2/22/21) we will be signing a lease at Eastway Courts!

* Neighbors are operating a donation campaign to
  furnish and populate Harry's new apartment!

* Mattress Firm worked with Christine on a deal no one could refuse!

* Pots, pans, necessities and supplies have been procured - even food!

* 03/02/2021: $555.00 apartment escrow paid

* 03/02/2021: $1,655.00 Final 3 months rent retainer paid

* Mattress Firm manager in Castleton, IN offers a special deal and Harry gets a brand new bed!

* 03/13/2021: Harry comes home!!!

Budgeted By a Loving Community:

View the current goals and Go Fund Me!!!

We originally planned to work on getting Harry out of the cold, but a community rallied together and joined together on the popular social media app Nextdoor.

At first Harry didn't want a lot of help, but what happened became quite amazing. The grace of God felt poured out for all to see, and for many that bound together, we witnessed His grace and how He works with His people (all of us).

From Fishers, NE Indy around to Greenfield IN, Harry's story was spread. If you are here reading this, then may you too be encouraged, where ever you are.

A time might come where you find an amazing story calling your name, testing your faith, and tugging your heart. Don't worry how you will do it! Just pray, get up, GO, and allow God to lead you.

For me personally, I ended up making new friends, and even reconnected with a great friend from High School. Even today I am seeing new, lasting friendships and networks being formed.

What has happened was all about Harry, but really all about God, and the blessings were immediately realized for Harry and all of us neighbors. Harry, we are glad to know you!

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